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November Bootcamp

This intense four-week course focuses on cardiovascular exercises and strength training and is designed to help you gain endurance, lose weight, develop muscle tone, and acquire boxing skills. Our trainers will work with you to improve your balance and coordination, enabling your body to be stable and maintain good form. You will see development in your upper body and feel new strength and power in your legs and arms. By the end of Bootcamp, you will not only find your body transformed, but your mind also balanced and fortified. You'll come away with a feeling of accomplishment, inner strength, and confidence. Plus there are the strong bonds you'll form with the other Bootcampers and our gym community.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Bootcampers can find themselves on the fast track to the boxing ring. If you are interested, we'll help you participate in your first sanctioned amateur fight. Third Street hosts many Fight Nights throughout the year, where you can cheer on your fellow Bootcampers or fight in a match yourself and show off the talents that you've been working so hard on in front of an audience! All you need is the desire to compete, and we can get you on track. Be sure to get your Amateur Boxing License completed as soon as you develop an interest in sparring!

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Equipment is available in a package provided exclusively for Bootcampers, at the specially discounted price of $90:

Diet Requirements

As a group, you will meet with our nutritionist, who will give broad dieting recommendations. For an additional fee, you may request a private consultation, where he will provide a detailed, goal-oriented diet to help maximize your results. You will also be asked, and expected, to abstain from alcohol and smoking of any kind for the duration of Bootcamp.

Important Rules

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Late 3 days: You're gone.

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Next program begins September 2nd.